e number of p▓ediatricians, and addressing shortages of pediatric med

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worked out to add▓ress birth defects and malnutrition of children, Li added.Special care should be provided to orphans and s


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ick, disabled and homeless children, as well as rural children whose parents have left home to work in cities as migrant worke▓rs.Moreover, Li added that the governm▓ent will continue to crack down on human trafficking and other crimes that target women and childr

▓en.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChildren send birthday wishes to astronaut Jing Haipeng in spaceChildr

en send birthday wishes to astronaut Jing Haipen▓g in spaceChildren send birthday wishes to astronaut Jing Haipeng in space10-25-2016 07:47 BJTBEIJING, Oct. 24 (Xinhua) -- Child

ren from across the world have extended birthday wishes to taikonau▓t Jing Haipeng, who is currently orbiting ▓the earth in lab Tiangong-2."Happy birthday Uncle Jing Haipeng, 'Tashi delek'," said a Tib▓etan primary school girl using the Tibetan gree

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dents from poor areas in pre

ting▓ for good luck and best wishes. She also said t▓hat it was her dr

eam to become an astronaut.Jing, commander of the Shenzhou-11 mission, turned 50 on Monday.Xi▓nhua

for children,


has collected over 10,000 birthday wishes for Jing from children from all over the wor

ld, including messages, pictures and videos sent from the Chinese ma

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